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Here will be articles explaining advanced hardware modifications / software settings:

desktop Athlon XP Multiplier Adjustments on the fly from Windows (click here)
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers page (updated 31th December). Photos of modifies processors.

  • enable mutliplier on-the-fly adjustments from operating system (can be done under full load)
  • fully stable operation, multiplier change designed by AMD
  • be able to change multiplier in whole range of 3x - 24x without single wire
  • works even on motherboards that do not support multiplier adjustments at all !
  • version of this article in Czech can be found here.

- To this date function verified on following chipsets (please report other):
VIA: KT133A, KT133E (reg. 55, bit 2 = 1 for those two), KT266, KT266A, KT333 (reg. 95, bit 2 = 1 for those three), KT333CF, KT400, KT400A, KT600 (reg. D5, bit 2 = 1 for those four)
SiS: SiS730, SiS735, SiS745, SiS746, SiS748
- All SiS chipsets should support this feature, never chipsets are just updated old versions.
Ali: M1647 (ALiMAGiK1) supported
Ati: Radeon IGP320 supported

nVidia: nForce 2 (reg. E7, bit 4 = FID_Change Detect; reg. 6F, bit 4 = Halt Disconnect) - But there is high change this won't work, good solution hasn't been found to this date.
AMD: AMD761, AMD762 (reg. 44, bit 0 = 1) - on AMD762 systems (AMD760MP, 760MPX chipsets) it may be impossible to POST due to some BIOS limitations on many motherboards


Special thanks to Andy and The Rebels Haven Computer Forum members, Glen (aka Oldman at [H]ardForum) and OCWorkBench forum members... and also to bulk88 for AMD760 bit and apple_rom for KT133A bit.

It is now confirmed desktop to mobile mod and L6 change work also on post week 39/2003 superlocked CPUs. On those CPUs, startup multiplier can not be changed (L3 bridges are blocked on those) but you can set multiplier by software to a new value as you wish. There are some articles about this on various web sites.

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1st February 2004